Cairns 1044 Traditional Helmet with Face Shield

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Standard Configuration: Includes Flannel Cushion Liner, Black Nomex Earlaps, Silk Screened Maltese Cross Eagle and 4″” Faceshield.
The 1044 is the latest helmet offering from the leader in firefighter head protection. It is a traditional style helmet, similar to the popular 1010. It shares the same components as the 1010 except the shell is different. The 1044 shell is made of through colored Duraglas while the 1010 shell is made of the same Duraglas and is painted.
Ultra tough, Duraglas composite material. Performs extremely well in a fire helmet design.
Through color material. If the shell is scratched it will still show the original color. Only colors available are red, yellow, black and white.
Use of non-painted shell. Provides rugged performance with a style some firefighters prefer.
Impact Cap
Water-based foam material. Will not burn or char unlike older foam versions.
Tube-lock system is incorporated in the cap. This is part of the shock absorbing system to create a more protective fire helmet.
Ease of Adjustment. Easy to adjust front adjustment tab. Simple three hold pin-lock adjustment tabs in the rear.
Matte finish on the shell. Provides firefighters with the look they want with all of the features of the 1010.
Low ride helmet design. Gives the wearer a better balanced helmet. The helmet has a lower center of gravity than the competition.
All other 1010 helmet accessories can be used on the 1044. This creates a lower switching cost for a customer if they can use their current modern helmet parts.
The 1044 has full NFPA 1971-2000 approval. This helmet not only meets the standard but is designed and tested to go beyond it.
Not all helmet colors are in-stock. Please contact us for lead time estimates.

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