Milnor Model MWT-27X5 60 lb Gear Washer with Gear Guardian Formulas

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Standard Features:
3 speeds
E-P Express controller
Single-motor inverter drive
Tall, lifting ribs
Sealed ball bearings
High M.A.F. (Mechanical Action Factor)
Large cylinder perforations
Fresh-water flushing chemical manifold
Auto tension V-belt drive
Five (5) liquid chemical injection ports
5-year limited warranty on frame, cylinder & shell

Why Purchase Milnor?
Larger cylinder volume than most competitive similar sized washer-extractors provides greater productivity. More linen washed per day, or fewer hours required to process. BENEFIT: Saves labor.
Greater cylinder perforated-area generates better wash quality, better rinsing and better extraction. BENEFIT: Better extraction saves dryer fuel. Faster process times reduce fabric wear, promoting longer linen life!
BENEFIT: Saves linen replacement costs.
100-G extract and large cylinder perforated area provide excellent moisture removal. BENEFIT: Better extraction saves dryer fuel. Tall perforated ribs provide excellent lift and high drop.
BENEFIT: Greater mechanical action (M.A.F.) leads to better wash quality.
E-P Express control with vacuum fluorescent display allows operator to choose formulas from real words, not codes. Standard controller features English/Spanish (other languages optional). Controller also provides diagnostic and error messages. Streamlined choices shorten training time of new employees. BENEFIT: Fewer operator errors. Superior product support through local, highly-skilled dealers.
BENEFIT: Faster repairs mean less downtime

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