Clearance Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural Short Cuff Glove, Old Sizes

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Sizes: S – 3XL

Design and Features

NFPA 1971 compliant

Short cuff models specifically for use with turnout gear sleeves that have thumb hole wristlets.

By using varied layering schemes throughout our Pro-Tech 8 gloves we can avoid bulking up finger side walls with leather, as all competitor gloves do which is guaranteed to reduce their flexibility, dexterity, grip and comfort. At the same time our layering scheme provides reinforced protection in the most vulnerable areas of your hands as opposed to the outdated and bulky “”same layers everywhere”” design of other makers.

A new first of its kind mesh knit inner liner reduces friction during don and doff which allows for greater efficiency both dry and wet.

Glove back side features our unique 7-layer flexible knuckle guard system which provides enhanced thermal protection and cut/puncture resistance at the vulnerable knuckle compression point; a well-known firefighting hazard.

Unique stitching down of the outer palm layer prevents bunching up of material and promotes a more efficient grip.

The ring and middle finger’s suede are cut and sewn independently for enhanced dexterity.

Gathered stitching is used around the entire wrist for a secure fit and reduces debris from entering the glove.

The glove inner liners are sewn and bonded in at each fingertip for maximum retention and efficient wet don and doff. A leather hang-up loop is provided on the glove inside for easy drying and storage.

Materials and Layering

The palm side outermost layer is highly flexible water repellant goat skin suede.

Cut and heat resistant knitted Kevlar/Nomex forms the second palm side layer.

A special mesh knit made of 100% modacrylic forms the third layer of the palm side and serves as the inner liner, while the palm side fingers have been further reinforced with a layer of knitted 100% modacrylic.

The knuckle guard portion has an outer layer of 100% Kevlar® , two layers of silicon carbide both fused with 100% Kevlar® , another layer of 100% Kevlar® and another layer of modacrylic knit which represents the inner liner. This unique flexible 7-layer system provides repetitive thermal protection and cut/puncture resistance at the vulnerable knuckle compression point.

In addition to the knuckle guard section, the back side outer layer is formed alternately by the sueded leather and a layer of cut and heat resistant 100% Kevlar® knit which runs the length of the glove from finger tips to cuff edge.

Back side of the fingers are reinforced with a layer of knitted modacrylic while the special mesh knit modacrylic forms the next layer of the back side serving as the inner liner.

Finger sidewalls are comprised of an outer layer of Kevlar/Nomex and two additional layers of 100% modacrylic knit.

The glove inside is fully lined with two layers of a highly breathable completely sealed polymer membrane to prevent liquid penetration and to protect against bloodborne pathogens.

100% Kevlar® high burst thread is used throughout the gloves.

Reflective tape is used on the glove back side near the wrist area.

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