Streamlight Vantage – Black with Blue Taillight LED

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A REVOLUTIONARY NEW FIRE HELMET LIGHT Born of Tactical Light Technology.Streamlight’s new C4 LED and proven weapon light technology—completely re-engineered to create the most advanced helmet-mounted firefighting light ever.

The new C4 LED—almost 3 times brighter than High Flux LEDs. It’s a huge upgrade over even 2nd generation LED technology. In fact the Streamlight C4 premium LED is 7 to 10 times brighter than the first generation LEDs still used in many firefighting flashlights. Yet the new C4 LEDs consume far less energy. The result is a blinding light, far more powerful than any LED before it—with the extended runtime so critical in an unpredictable fire or rescue situation. And because it’s impervious to shock, the primary LED will not break or burn out over its 50,000 hour lifetime.

Lightweight, compact, low profile design easily attaches above or below full brim fire and industrial helmets

C4 LED impervious to shock. Will not break or burn out!

Up to 4,500 candela peak central intensity; 80 lumens measured system output

6 hours of continuous runtime to the 10% output level

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