MSA Cairns XF1 Helmet – The Right Time for Something New

We know the MSA Cairns XF1 looks entirely different than the helmet you’re wearing now. And that’s the point. At MSA Cairns, we’re always striving to innovate helmet technology – which is why we’re always talking to firefighters about their gear. From these conversations, we knew it was the right time to bring a European-style fire helmet to North America.

MSA XF1 Helmet – Glossy Finish
MSA XF1 Helmet – Matte Finish

One of firefighters’ favorite features of the Cairns XF1 fire helmet has been the Integrated Light Module. This robust, compact light accessory is housed inside of the helmet, reducing exposure to heat, flames, and impact. And, thanks to strategic placement on either side of the helmet, rather than at the top of the head, the XF1’s lights improve visibility without detracting from others’ vision.

MSA XF1 Lighting Module

The Cairns XF1 fire helmet’s modular design allows it to be quickly disassembled for thorough inspection, care and maintenance. Plus, the helmet’s soft goods are removable, washable and replaceable – all without requiring the use of tools. These features have all been engineered to help firefighters align with cancer prevention directives as written by the Firefighter Cancer Support Network.

To maximize comfort, there are several easy-to-find adjustments so that the fire helmet fit can be customized to the individual. When it’s all said and done, the contoured style of the XF1 doesn’t just fit most firefighters – it fits them comfortably.

The Cairns XF1 jet-style fire helmet has been engineered as much for comfort and fit as safety. The most obvious feature is what it lacks – the XF1 is brimless. While untraditional, the lack of a brim reduces snag hazards. Plus, the helmet’s accessories, like lighting and communications, are integrated seamlessly into the design, resulting in a sleek profile.


MSA XF1 Ocular Visor Assembly

  • ANSI/ISEA-compliant eye protection
  • Articulates forward/backward to optimize fit across a wide range of facial profiles, with or without prescription glasses
  • Regracts between the face sheild and impact cap when not in use
  • Thumb tabs promote easy deployment with gloved hands